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Ring with African Turquoise.

Ring with Labrodite stone.

Gallery owner
Amanda Coburn

Riverside Jewelry Designs

The play of metal

I can't tell you when I first discovered that I needed a creative outlet in my life. Maybe it was the year I filled 15 notebooks full of poetry and told myself I was destined to be a writer. Maybe it was the year I got a guitar and set out to be a rockstar. It's hard to tell, really. What I do know is that the need has always been there, and the need has been great.

I was working in a Verizon call center when my then-boyfriend David Mosher (now-husband) bought me metalsmithing lessons as a gift for our first Christmas together. Immediately following the first lesson, I started setting up a home studio. I knew that the play of the metal in my hands, and the power behind the torch were something entirely new to me- yet I finally felt like I was home.

Friends and Family took note of my passion, and of my skill, and I haven't been without their support since that first day.

Necklace with Labradorite stone.

Triangular Turquoise stone with a small round Labradorite to accent.

I worked for Verizon for 5 years when I was laid off in 2008. It was not a job that satisfied my creative needs, but it had excellent benefits; and because of that alone, I stuck with it. When we got word of impending layoffs in the fall of 2007, I decided to start my own business as soon as my last shift was through.

Riverside Jewelry Designs was born in January of 2008. Through online venues and social networking, I have set up an online presence that has allowed me to ship orders all over the world. I've shipped finished jewelry and jewelry making supplies to Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and all over North America. I love jewelry design. Wearable art is my favorite medium to date. Although I'd like to take the next step into metal sculpture, also. My cousin Nicholas, a certified welder, agreed to teach me his skill last fall, but passed away before we had the opportunity to share that time together. When I find the desire to seek out another instructor, I'll take that next step. More metal, more fire, more creativity! Larger scale metal sculpture thrills me- although jewelry design will always be my first love.

Amanda working in her studio - making a silver cuff bracelet.

Photos: David Mosher

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