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Amethyst Sage Agate sterling silver pendant.

Rhodochrosite set in sterling silver with rose.

Wedding band made of Apple wood and sterling silver.

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Sarah Regan

The Hallowed Anvil

Romanticism and Metal 

Romanticism was not only a pivotal artistic movement towards the end of the 18th century. Romanticism defined by Merriam- Webster also means the quality or state of being impractical or unrealistic and also have romantic feelings or ideas. Since beginning my journey into the world of metalsmithing I have noticed a theme within my work and it is that of a dream like state or romantic inclination. This inclination accurately describes the majority of my life as an artist.

As a young girl I was put through various art programs within school and was eventually swept away from my childhood town by the insatiable desire to travel, to see and experience new things. Commence the next 10 years of my life… always on the move, always looking for the next getaway.

Much like my restless itchy feet I have always jumped from art medium to art medium. Acrylic painting, oil painting, pen and ink, theater, or dance. There isn’t a lot I haven’t experimented with. Looking back I have always sought a class that could teach me the foundations in working in silver. In all of the towns and cities I have lived in I had never been able to find accessible and affordable classes. Then one day I found myself at Maine Jewelry & Art.

Working in sterling silver and copper has brought the most satisfaction to my need for creative outlets. While I still journey towards becoming a better visual artist, metalsmithing has become a huge part of my life and identity, and I find myself no longer searching for that next dramatic getaway.

Sarah Regan loves working with sterling silver and copper.

Ocean Jasper pendant with sterling Buffalo.

Man in the Moon pendant, and Labradorite set in sterling silver pendant.

.Copper Chest Plate, custom Opal ring set in sterling silver, and Ocean Jasper set in sterling silver.

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